Baby Boom Auto

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Baby Boom Auto,review,cbd,speedy boom auto,baby boom strain,Plant between March and October. The average height will be between 80cm and 150cm


BABY BOOM!! Just as its name suggests this plant small but lethal.Baby Boom Auto,review,cbd,strain,speedy boom auto

This tiny yet powerful plant is the result of a cross between  and Northern Light x Blueberry. The Northern side brings touches of pine, earth and old wood. When crossed with Blueberry, the blue essences result in dry and sweet-and-sour aromas, reminiscent of a plum jam.

This plant will bombard you with highly cerebral effects, mixed with a significant relaxing effect, which may have you pinned to the sofa if you don´t keep moving! The plant is of medium-height with a short inter nodal distance and a continuous production of buds and broad leaves of an intense dark green color (mini Indicas) which flowers with purple and bluish tonalities.

This cross produces a variety which is easy-to-grow but quite sensitive to over fertilization so light slow-release fertilizers are recommended to avoid boom auto review,baby boom auto cbd
Baby boom has a relaxing effect. It is known to be high in productivity and plague resistant.

It delivers a spicy/fruity taste and smell.speedy boom auto,strain

Planting Indoors…

The photo period is 18-20 hours, with a flowering cycle of  55-60 days. It reaches an average height of between 80-110 cm, and delivers a yield of approximately 500g per m2.

Planting Outdoors…

Plant between March and October. The average height will be between 80cm and 150cm, with an expected yield of 200g per plant.

Baby Boom Auto can only be ordered if you are over 18 years of age.

Baby Boom Autoflowering is a powerful, yet discreet little auto strain. A cross between a Northern Lights/Blueberry hybrid and a sturdy ruderalis, it makes for a great smoke that packs a big, THC-loaded punch.


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